Flooring Products

Our products bring you the best selection, styles, prices, and warranties that your home deserves. We offer products from the leading flooring brands in the market. We carry the most fashionable styles and colors from all designs, ranging from contemporary to refined classic collections.

Our purchasing power allows us to offer you the most competitive pricing on all types of flooring and our products are backed by the most extensive warranties available.

Product Descriptions

  • CARPET – Carpet is traditionally the most popular choice of flooring in the home. It comes in numerous colors and designs to fit your home décor and lifestyle.
  • LVP/LVT – Whether creating great style for your first home or for renovating an older one, laminates open a new world of options for you. These floors require little maintenance and are burn and scratch resistant, making them all but impervious to foot traffic and pets in your home. 
  • VINYL – Vinyl flooring offers an affordable, durable alternative to traditional flooring materials. It’s easy on the feet, ideal for moisture-prone areas and perfectly suited for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.
  • TILE – The durability and ease of maintenance of tile flooring offers a number of advantages for use in practically any room in your home and even outside. Tile is available in a variety of decorative design options, offering durability and easy maintenance.
  • VCT –  Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT Flooring) is durable, easy to maintain, and offers multiple layout pattern options. VCT tile flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas including retail, schools, and commercial spaces.