The ultimate selection for versatility, comfort and style.

Carpet is traditionally the most popular choice of flooring in the home. It comes in numerous colors and designs to fit your home décor and lifestyle. It makes your home more comfortable because it is soft on your feet, provides insulation, and absorption of sound. It is generally priced less per square foot than other floor covering surfaces.

With a vast array of choices, carpet offers a level of versatility that is unmatched by other flooring options. Carpet is a favorite in the Memphis area because it is comfortable, quiet and comes in an extensive range of colors and styles that will suit any budget. As the foundation of your interior décor, carpet can convey a look that is elegant or simple. At Protective Services, we’ll help you select the ideal style for your particular tastes with the widest selection of carpet in Memphis.

Today’s carpet offers a wide variety of choices in style, fiber composition and color.  The texture, colors and pattern of the carpet can complement or contrast with patterns of your furniture and window treatments. Using a solid color, textured carpet is a great way to provide interest and pizzazz, without reaching out to a multicolor. Textured styles also fit well with today’s active and casual lifestyles.

To select the best carpet for your home and lifestyle, you should consider:

  • Fiber Types
  • Carpet Construction
  • Color
  • Quality & Performance
  • Cushion
  • Special Requirements (Senior, Pets, Green)