Tile Flooring

Versatile, Beautiful, Distinctive.

With a wide range of materials and colors, tile offers endless possibilities for your home. Tile is available in a variety of decorative design options, offering durability and easy maintenance.

Tile is made from materials with unique characteristics. Natural stone, such as granite or limestone, is naturally formed with no two pieces exactly alike; this gives floors a distinctive elegance. Ceramic tiles are popular in either glazed or unglazed styles, chosen for durability and beauty. Colorful glass, mosaic, and metal tiles offer fresh, creative expression in borders and flooring design.

The durability and ease of maintenance of tile flooring offers a number of advantages for use in practically any room in your home and even outside. While tile may require expert installation, we recommend it for high traffic areas, such as entryways or in kitchens and bathrooms where moisture is an issue.